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Andy Davis | 07/27/14

Oral surgery is commonly performed to prepare your mouth for dentures, when performing root canals, or while repairing jaw problems.

Gladys Harvey | 07/26/14

A partial denture is generally removable and is used for people who have some of their natural teeth remaining.

Deidra Atkinson | 07/24/14

If decay is not treated quickly, it can cause complications of infection swelling of the face and neck, fever and blood poisoning.

Cassie Klimek | 07/23/14

The result is a healthier, safer and more natural and long lasting smile.

Fair Sutherlin | 07/21/14

Although successful treatment is very predictable, there are rare cases where bone is not completely plant bond.

Angela Genson | 07/20/14

Focusing on your teeth can assist in preventing discoloration and damage, keeping you healthy for the long term.

Dorothy Ruehle | 07/19/14

We will evaluate your hygiene techniques and make adjustments to your normal routine, if necessary.

Francis Pagurko | 07/17/14

The dentist is a doctor who works with only the teeth and gums. People with gapped teeth are able to correct their smiles with our inexpensive products called Teeth Effects Bands.

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Douglas Rasmussen | 07/17/14

By brushing and dental flosing with regular professional dental care, you not only clean teeth and gums, but also help to avoid becoming susceptible to bacterial diseases of the mouth.

Carol Wright | 07/15/14

A great way to keep your teeth looking good is to start drinking all of your fluids through a straw. If you feel your teeth becoming loose, get to your dentist to have him check for gum disease.

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Destiny Freeman | 07/13/14

If you've tried the cures for chronic bad breath mentioned and you still suffer from chronic halitosis, make an appointment with your dentist. The body's immune system fights bacteria like plaque that spreads and grows below the gum.

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Conner Burnham | 07/12/14

Your teeth provide a permanent record of your past nutrition.

Dorothy Cooper | 07/11/14

Women especially can experience hormonal changes that can take an immediate toll on the health of teeth and gums.

Anthony Casson | 07/10/14

If you are a smoker, the first thing you should do in order to whiten your teeth is to stop smoking.

Donna Wirthlin | 07/08/14

One way of doing this is by visiting a dentist and learning about cosmetic dental veneers. If you have a toothache, you may actually have an abscessed tooth or infected gum that needs to be taken care of.

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Grace Woods | 07/06/14

If you want to avoid having your teeth pulled, be sure to brush and floss every day.

Erynn Zirlin | 07/04/14

You can massage your baby's gums with your finger or use teething gels that have benzocaine in them.

Charlotte Collins | 07/04/14

If the enamel around your teeth begins to decay, you may need to have your teeth pulled.

Frances Shelton | 07/02/14

Oral health should not be separated from the rest of your health, it is important to remember to have proper dental care and regular checkups.

Gerald Hart | 06/30/14

You will probably get some antibiotics from the dentist to help reduce the infection.

Christy Davis | 06/28/14

Growing older might just become the most rewarding phase of your life, especially if you can keep your original teeth.

Cathy Savee | 06/27/14

Braces are dental devices used to align the position of your teeth so you can bite down properly.

Beverly Tremblay | 06/27/14

Professional dental whitening costs a little more than home remedies, but it can whiten your teeth better and faster than other whitening methods.

Dorothy Speck | 06/26/14

Sometimes a blow to the jaw can cause damage to the nerves in your tooth.

Debbie Williams | 06/24/14

If you are having oral surgery and will have oral sedation, you should be sure to have someone there to drive you home from your appointment.

Brian Williams | 06/24/14

The stomach acid from bulimics causes corrosion on the outside of the tooth.

Amanda Fargo | 06/23/14

Bacteria in plaque and tartar release toxins that irritate the gums and cause destruction of fiber bonded to the teeth, creating pockets between teeth and gums.

Anthony Dickman | 06/23/14

Research has shown that the antioxidant catechin in green tea helps promote good periodontal health.

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