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Carl Overmiller | 01/26/15

Bacteria in plaque and tartar release toxins that irritate the gums and cause destruction of fiber bonded to the teeth, creating pockets between teeth and gums. Patients with uncontrolled diabetes or other serious mental health problems are not good candidates for dental implants.

Anthony Zajac | 01/25/15

Dental veneers is the popular method to beautify your teeth and create a beautiful smile.

Douglas Rasmussen | 01/24/15

Some whitening products work better than others and some can even harm your teeth.

Astrid Juerges | 01/23/15

A cracked tooth will cause you pain, so get to the dentist fast.

Betty Smith | 01/22/15

Have your dentist do a manual cleaning if you suffer from tinnitus.

Cindy Wilkins | 01/22/15

You may not know that baby teeth do not actually cut through the surface of their gums.

Charles Nobs | 01/22/15

All good oral surgeons give the highest quality of surgical care and comfort to all of their patients. The over the counter teeth whitening products can make your teeth more brittle, which makes it harder to keep cavities away.

Alexis Andronikos | 01/22/15

Be careful not to bend your dentures when you're cleaning them.

Debbie Marlow | 01/22/15

If a problem with your wisdom teeth is detected, the dentist may recommend surgery to remove and eliminate or avoid the unpleasant symptoms. The early stage of periodontal disease is called gingivitis.

Amanda Coe | 01/22/15

Not only are veneers safe, but they are generally covered by certain insurance companies. Plaque is what causes puffy and bleeding gums.

Charles Walker | 01/22/15

Sleeping during a dental procedure is a good idea if you are afraid of the dentist.

Audrey Schiff | 01/20/15

If titanium or ceramic implants are used incorrectly, they can explode.

Barrett Myers | 01/19/15

While preventing stains is important, even regularly cleaned teeth can show signs of discoloration over time.

Chasity Butler | 01/19/15

Dentists use sedation for patients who suffer from choking, which requires stability during the procedure provided. Usually, people show no signs of gum disease until they are 30 or 40 years old.

Bethany Lester | 01/17/15

Everyone wants a beautiful smile and dental care can give that to you.

David Woodruff | 01/15/15

Dentists and patients will always find a way to reduce the pain of dentistry.

Beverly Reedy | 01/14/15

Discomfort in your jaw is a sign you need to contact your dentist as soon as possible to resolve the issue.

Debbie Winzelberg | 01/14/15

It is wise to consult a dentist as to which whitening product fits your teeth, because all the teeth whitening is not done the same way.

Clarisse Johnson | 01/12/15

If you find a dentist who offers sedation dentistry, request a meeting to discuss their concerns before committing to any tests or procedures.

Charlotte Craft | 01/11/15

Cost is another important factor, because it contains the monthly or annual fees and part of the patient is responsible for all visits.

Bradley Tygar | 01/09/15

A stainless steel crown is a prefabricated form that can be cut to fit and covered by the dentist and the protection of the tooth.

Christy Matus | 01/07/15

Braces consist of strong plastic trays that will be made separately in each case.

Bob Savakinas | 01/06/15

False teeth are prosthetic replacements that are ordered for those who have lost all of their natural teeth.

David Walter | 01/05/15

If you are considering such surgery, whether cosmetic or medical reasons, you should have basic knowledge of what it means.

Brian Williams | 01/05/15

Endodontists generally have a highly trained and specialized staff.

Denise Harden | 01/03/15

Dental health is the science and art of preventing and combating diseases and promoting dental health through organized community efforts.

Debra Wilcoxlemaster | 01/01/15

If you use old toothbrushes, or used, shredding floss, alcohol based mouthwashes, or harsh toothpastes, you may actually be causing gum disease in your own mouth.

Charles Tull | 12/31/14

If wire braces are in your future, get your teeth whitened before getting them. Sometimes you will have a cavity that will cause tooth pain, while other times you won't know you have one.

Curtis Iden | 12/29/14

Maryland bonded bridges, also called laminated bridge or Maryland bridge, are made of porcelain teeth and gums supported by a metal frame. Everyone wants a beautiful smile and dental care can give that to you.

Brian Southard | 12/29/14

In some cases, the procedure is performed entirely in the office, with a light or heat source to accelerate the whitening process.

Charlotte Bassett | 12/28/14

Porcelain is generally the material used to make a crown for your teeth.

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