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Cindy Wooden | 06/30/15

The over the counter teeth whitening products can make your teeth more brittle, which makes it harder to keep cavities away.

Betty Tietgens | 06/28/15

Your cosmetic dentist will us a composite resin to bond spaces between your teeth.

Andrew Blair | 06/28/15

Sugar is bad for your teeth, and so is chewing on sugar cane.

Denise Masiakowski | 06/27/15

Invisible braces are best for people who do not want to appear wearing metals on their teeth.

Frances Lake | 06/25/15

Getting regular teeth cleanings at your dentist is a good way to have a sparkling smile.

Debbie Williams | 06/23/15

It is important to identify the problem of an abscess before it's too damaging. Before you get pregnant, get a thorough dental check-up and get any work done that needs doing.

Chris Schmitt | 06/21/15

Our professional staff is devoted to comprehensive and preventive patient care.

Douglas Baggett | 06/20/15

Your options are metal braces, supports, or transparent aligners that can be worn at night to improve mild cases of misaligned teeth. The disproportionate presence of the disease in some parts of the population is a major problem.

Chad Cyrus | 06/19/15

You can improve the appearance of your smile with porcelain veneers.

Christy Key | 06/19/15

It is important to note that supragingival scaling and coronal polishing do not constitute an oral prophylaxis.

Donna Strider | 06/17/15

Usually, people show no signs of gum disease until they are 30 or 40 years old. What happens in your mouth affects everything else that happens throughout your body.

Audrey Freed | 06/16/15

Cross bite produce abnormal forces on the teeth and gum recession and can cause fluidity. If you have deformed teeth and want to keep them, think about having crowns or veneers done.

Carl Overmiller | 06/15/15

There are implants that do not require a second procedure, but require a minimum of six weeks of healing before the artificial teeth are implanted.

Clarisse Johnson | 06/14/15

Lingual braces are something to consider if you need braces. If you get anxious before you go to the dentist, ask him about being sedated during any procedures.

Frances Shelton | 06/14/15

It's important that patients have as much information as possible, in order to make crucial, well informed decisions regarding their oral health and dental treatment options. Many dentists offer preventative dental care and maintenance, including restorative care and cosmetic dentistry.

Angelo Grasso | 06/12/15

You can clean the stains from your teeth at home with a chemical whitening product.

Beth Duricky | 06/10/15

When the tissue separates from your gum, it will form spaces called pockets.

Cassidy Piza | 06/09/15

The ability that dentists now have to detect the presence of calcified plaque that may build up in the carotid artery was discovered recently in review of the dental records of stroke victims.

Darla Warmann | 06/07/15

There's no reason for you to not give teeth whitening treatments a try.

Gloria Bowman | 06/07/15

Patients with spaces between their front teeth or teeth that are chipped or worn may consider porcelain veneers.

Anthony Delillo | 06/05/15

If your teeth do not meet properly when you bite down, you will probably need braces to correct that.

Gail Bucker | 06/05/15

The procedure for dental crowns begins with the removal of all decay in the tooth.

Ellen Veirs | 06/03/15

Everyone wants a beautiful smile and dental care can give that to you. Grinding due to stress can not be cured by removing the stress.

Bob Desrochers | 06/01/15

With the change in diet over the years, more children are exposed to sugar earlier than ever.

Dorothy Owen | 05/30/15

Once you learn about dental implants, you finally realize that there is a way of improving your life.

Connie Heitz | 05/28/15

Some of the factors that affect the cost are the number of implants.

Delores Allen | 05/28/15

There are three main types of bridges, the bridges include the development of the traditional crown of the tooth or implant on either side of missing teeth.

Bj Clutter | 05/26/15

Red swollen and bleeding gums characterized by gum disease at the initial stage and the course of infection, chronic inflammation and bone loss in later stages.

Diane Zachary | 05/25/15

Porcelain veneers can hide undesirable defects, such as teeth stained by tetracycline, by an injury, or as a result of a root canal procedure, and are ideal for masking discolored fillings in front teeth.

David Vinciguerra | 05/24/15

Some dentists use nitrous oxide which is also called laughing gas.

Cassie Klimek | 05/22/15

Clean and replace your toothbrush regularly. In previous years, iv sedation was the most used way to sedate a dental patient.

Becca Taugner | 05/21/15

Brush your teeth and use mouthwash to eliminate bacteria and improve your overall health.

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New York Cosmetic Dentistry